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SecureVIN UV Add-On Kit

Kit includes UV Paint, Clear Coat Sealer, and Mineral Spirits, Instructions, 2 Brushes,
1 pair of Gloves, Alcohol Pads and a UV flashlight.

Kit also includes Q-tips (not pictured) for Cleanup for use with ecological friendly mineral spirits.

Protect Vehicle Parts, Truck Boxes, Stereo Equipment, Bike/Cargo Carriers & More.

Stencils are not included. It is unlikely to use all 6 stencils in the SecureVIN kit on glass surfaces. Mirrors are often plastic or too small to engrave. You can also re-use stencils if you are careful. Do glass etching first. The UV paint is durable, but the clear sealer will make it last virtually forever. UV paint illuminates blue or red.

UV add-on kit for SecureVIN

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