Help - Caution on the Competition

Some competitors use dot matrix printers to cut a type of wax paper. There is no way to get good quality from this material as it will not stick to the glass and the etch spreads out ruining the letters.

One competitor website we have seen actually does not cut you stencils at all but just sends you the stencil material with instructions to cut them on a typewriter without the ribbon installed. Are you kidding me? Who has a typewriter these days?

A major competitor does not give you stencils with your VIN number. They give you stencils with their own number, which you register with them. You are dependent upon them being around to identify the number to the police. As they are not a diversified business like Blue Planet, if they go under the number etched on your glass will be meaningless.

SecureVIN, is a product of Blue Planet Offices, Inc. which operates its own fully equipped printing plant plus other facilities. Just visit our main site to see our different divisions and dozens of sites, plus we have lots of photos. We also tell you alot about our CEO and our company. Most companies and websites tell you nothing and you are lucky if there is an email address, much less a telephone number hidden somewhere on the site.

We use first quality die cutting machines which are driven by computers. You have probably seen the Cricket machine advertised on television. That machine is $300 plus all the designs are stored on cartridges that sell for $80 each. Our die cutter is connected to a computer and can cut anything we create on the computer.

Our stencils are cut into high quality vinyl with self adhesive on the back. The adhesive makes sure the stencil sticks to the window so that the glass etching liquid does not run under it.

Our biggest competitor, but only because they have been around for some years, is Vinguard in Canada. I would guess they have a good die cutting machine like we do, but you would never know it from looking at their site. In fact, you don't see anything much looking at their site. They don't even show you what you are buying. You have to trust them on what they actually have in their kit. We show you exactly what we are shipping. Besides, do you really want to send your money to Canada and have to wait on that long distance shipment?

They also send you a cheap looking little insurance certificate. I think our certificate is rather nice and it is printed on a high-quality astroparche blue vellum paper. Although it is difficult to tell in the little picture, the certificate border is actually printed in color and the text is black. (Yes, if you are wondering, we print stock certificates too for our corporate kits we sell on We are the manufacturer, not a reseller.

They don't even tell you if their warning stickers go on the inside of the glass, like ours, or are cheap labels that have to go on the outside where they will get ruined in the weather and people can peel them off. Our labels are printed on high grade clear polyester plastic designed for outside use, so they should last a long time inside of your car. The labels are printed in reverse so when attached to the inside of your windshield (or other window like the driver's side window) it is readable from outside of the car.

Should the labels ever get damaged or destroyed, the competition says "too bad." We will gladly send you another set of two warning labels for only one dollar, postage included.

Finally, if the competition has a telephone number on their site at all, you can be sure it is not a toll free number. Not even our biggest competitor can manage to offer a toll free 800 number for customer support.

Shown below is Dan Schramm, Blue Planet CEO with one of our Risograph digital printing presses and the green drum, one of various drums which allow rapid color changes.

Blue Planet CEO is shown with one of our Risograph digital printing press and the green drum, one of various drums which allow rapid color changes.

Again, thank you for your order at SecureVIN.Com.

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