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SecureVIN Outside Mirror Kit(tm)
Secure your vehicle against theft, with SecureVIN Auto Glass Etching with the Outside Mirror/Window Kit with Smaller 18 Pt. Stencil Font.

Regardless if your vehicle is the family van or a Time Machine, protect it from theft and protect your outside mirrors from theft.

The Family Van, Photo by Dan F. Schramm Just as burglars will pass by the house with the alarm system and go for the easier target, car thieves will pass on stealing a motor vehicle that has all the auto glass etched with the VIN number. Statistics prove that VIN glass etching is the single most effective method of stopping car theft. There are simply easier and less risky targets. Auto thieves (stealing a car for re-sale) do not want to have to replace all the glass. That certainly eats into their profit margin. Stealing the car for parts won't happen either, because no chop shop is going to risk it.

The Time Machine from the Original Movie Our easy to use product is the best value auto glass etching kit on the market since 2005. It protects all your windows. Discourage auto thieves and get a discount on your auto insurance. Greatly increases the chances of having a stolen car returned. A great selling point too, whenever you market a vehicle.

This new product offers 18 point type stencils rather than the larger 24 point type stencils in our original glass etching kits. This product is directed towards protecting outside mirrors from theft which is a problem in some metro areas.

This kit includes 2 stencils cut from commercial grade vinyl used for outside signs. We do not guarantee how many windows you can etch as it depends upon how careful you are removing the vinyl stencils. Numerous customers have reported etching all of their vehicle windows with one stencil. The kit includes the same amounts of etch as our main 6 stencil kit.

side mnirror with VIN etching We offer this kit with a smaller stencil font due to complaints over the years that the 24 point font was too large. The type face does not offer any sizes between 24 and 18 Pt.

NOTE: This kit will only etch GLASS mirrors and not plastic. Please check what type of mirrors you have before ordering. Most mirrors are glass. Thank you.

Insurance companies and police departments all have statistics showing that VIN etching reduces car theft by as much as 65% to 97% (depending on the part of the country and on who did the survey). Regardless, it is affirmatively proven that VIN Etching drastically reduces the chances of having your car stolen. The same statistics also prove that cars actually stolen that have VIN Etching are recovered 60% to 85% more often and returned to their owners than non-VIN Etched cars. VIN Etching will save you from 3% to 17% on your auto insurance rates (depending on area of the country and other factors).

No Vehicle with SecureVIN Has Ever Been Reported Stolen within the 14+ Years our products have been sold.
Plus Lowest Cost on the Internet or in Stores.

SecureVIN System includes all of the following:
SecureVIN System Photo
  • 2 Custom Cut Stencils with your Vehicle's VIN number.
    Commercial grade self-adhesive vinyl allows the stencils to be re-used.
    (Each Heavy Duty Vinyl Stencil Can Be Used More Than Once).
    Our stencils are custom cut on a high quality die cutting machine.
    We offer a CAUTION on what some competitors are selling and how we compare.
    1 Bottle of Glass Etch plus a Brush & Eye Dropper for Application. Includes 2 popsicle sticks for etch recovery.
    2 Pairs of Disposable Gloves
    2 Large Alcohol Wipes to Clean the Glass
    1 Magic White Sponge for Clean Up (Use it for years.)
    We give you a White Magic Eraser Sponge made in Germany
    that is great for all sorts of cleaning with only water.
    1 Color Warning Sticker to warn thieves and alert the police.
    1 Insurance Certificate to help reduce your premiums.
    We provide you an official certificate printed on high
    quality paper with your VIN number.
    1 Set of Complete Printed Instructions
    Instruction Sheet Online

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    After you order, check out our photo gallery of a local Henney KiloWatt, the first modern (1959) electric car. It is driven regularly here in Key West, Florida.

    Allstate Insurance Statement on VIN Etching
    Nasdaq Satement on VIN Etching

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