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Henney Kilowatt shown from passenger side

Henney Coachworks and the National Union Electric Company, makers of Exide batteries, formed a joint venture to produce a new electric car, the Henney Kilowatt. The car was produced in 36-volt and 72-volt configurations; the 72-volt models had a top speed approaching 96 km/h (60 mph) and could travel for nearly an hour on a single charge. This was the world's first modern (transistor regulated) electric car with production starting in 1959. Despite the Kilowatt's improved performance with respect to previous electric cars, consumers found it too expensive compared to equivalent gasoline cars of the time, and production ended in 1961.

Henney Kilowatt name plate Henney Kilowatt hood ornament

Henney Kilowatt dashboard view Henney Kilowatt from the back

Henney Kilowatt side view Henney Kilowatt driver side

Henney Kilowatt, closeup of outside driver side mirror

This privately owned Henney Kilowatt, purchased when new, is driven regularly by its owner in Key West, FL.

Photographs by Dan Schramm. Taken in Key West, FL. copyright 2022 Blue Planet Offices, Inc.

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