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The "SE" directory name stands for "Stencil Error".

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The stencils are the most expensive part of the kit. We manually remove all the small pieces. The next most expensive part of the kit is mailing it to you. The stencil order of 2 or 4 stencils includes a new container of glass etch. If you order 6 stencils, you may order them with or without new etching cream. It is not possible to order only one stencil. If you need one, you should be able to re-use at least one from the original kit as the stencils are heavy duty vinyl and are easy to use again.

The base price of $3.60 covers the cost of shipping. Stencils are 80 cents each and are sold in pairs at $1.60 per pair. This includes a full plastic jar of glass etching cream identical to the one shipped with the original kit,

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