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2 Vehicle SecureVIN Glass Etching Kit

  • 8 Custom Cut Stencils with your Vehicle's VIN Numbers.
    (4 For Each Vehicle)
    Enough to protect 4 windows of each car.
    (or use with our UV Add-on Kit).
    Our stencils are custom cut on a high quality die cutting machine.
    We offer a CAUTION on what some competitors are selling and how we compare.
    2 Containers of Glass Etch plus a Brush & Eye Dropper for Application. Includes 2 popsicle sticks for etch recovery.
    4 Pairs of Disposable Gloves
    8 Alcohol Wipes to Final Clean the Glass
    1 Magic White Sponge for Clean Up (Use it for years.)
    We give you a White Magic Eraser Sponge made in Germany
    that is great for all sorts of cleaning with only water.
    2 Color Warning Stickers
    (1 for each vehicle) to warn thieves and alert the police.
    2 Insurance Certificates to help reduce your premiums.
    We provide you with official certificates printed on high
    quality paper with your VIN number.
    1 Set of Complete Printed Instructions
    Instruction Sheet Online

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    VIN No.
    VIN No. 2

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