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Window Decal

This is a photograph of the SecureVIN decal on a door of our offices. This decal/label is designed to go on the inside of the glass. This particular decal has been mounted on this door window in direct sunlight for eight years as of 02-01-2016. This decal and all decals in our kits are created on a HP Color LaserJet 4600n. The black ink has not faded and the red ink has only suffered very minor fading.

We refer to it as a decal but it does not require water for application like an actual decal. It is a clear pressure sensitive label and easily attaches to the glass inside of your vehicle. Because it attaches inside no vandal can peel it off.

Also shown is our door decal showing that we are one of Google's Favorite Places on Google Maps and Google Local. Locally we rent audio and video equipment, tents and tables, provide video production services, printing, Playstation rentals, plus property management services.

ATV, Motorcycle, Scooter VIN Decoder

Information on Decoding a VIN Number

Did you know? Prior to 1954 vehicles were identified by the serial number on the engine block. VIN numbers were not mandatory until 1981.

Warning on Purchasing Motor Scooters: Scooters of 50cc sold in some states might not have a VIN number on the paperwork (though it is somewhere on the frame) and some do not require registration, such as North Carolina. That makes it virtually impossible to recover a stolen scooter.

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